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Min Lynch

your financial coach

“My goal is to help you make wise choices about your financial future.  I’ll help you grow your knowledge base and explain the how and why of making your money work for you based on your goals.  Solid financial knowledge and understanding leads to empowerment, independence, and peace of mind.”

Min Lynch

When we are just starting out, we don’t often realize what we don’t know.  Educating yourself on the choices you have now and will have in the future is …. [more]

Planning for your children’s education can never start too early.  Have you factored in what tuition costs will be by the time they are ready to … [more]

Wealth management is exactly as it states.  It is managing your wealth.  It is important to protect what you have, and at the same time, have it work for you…[more]

Peace of mind in retirement is a gift that comes from saving and smart choices.  It is the gift that continues to give so that you can enjoy your life and … [more]