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My name is Min (). I hold a master of science degree in chemistry. I was trained in this field for 7 years – following my father’s advice, and his hope was that I would follow in his footsteps. But after my formal years of graduate study, I began to get a sense of who I really am at my core; a creative soul eager to find a place in the world where conscious manifestation can be a daily practice. I decided to go into the world of computing and technology in 1998. I consider myself very lucky that I was always able to come across supportive people and environments that not only allowed me to “play with ideas in a sandbox”, but also challenged me to develop my own mental acuity and independent thinking.  It was this creative freedom I enjoyed for over 20 years. 

Starting in my mid-30s, I gradually developed my skills in working with people, both individuals and teams. This helped me cultivate relationships in both personal and professional circles. Now, in my 40s, I love helping others and cherish meaningful relationships I have with family and friends dear to my heart. By combining my natural ability to coach (mentor), my soul’s desire to be of service, and my goal to support my local community in a meaningful way, the financial field has become my vehicle for personal and inter-personal transformation. And its many diverse tools offer far more than the obvious. Things such as peace of mind, freedom, and independence. 

Some say any profession relating to money is probably the oldest profession in the world. Our relationship to money starts as soon as we know how to count 1,2 and 3 … Yet throughout our life, how many of us ever stop and ask, “Wait a minute. What kind of relationship do I have with money exactly?”.  Often, we have a very “unconscious” relationship with an important resource in our life. And that has to be changed and transformed.   Thus, I am going to be walking along side you on this path to help open your eyes to the abundance available. 

Taking pleasure in the small things is important.  Being outside in nature is something I enjoy.

I also enjoy physical exercize and challenging myself.

And time with my husband Kevin.  We enjoy exploring Houston and planning fun vacations.